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Our love for dogs started back in 1982, when we bought our first pet Samoyed. That's when Brenda got her first taste for the Pet Care Industry. We started our first small boarding kennel of 24 dogs, along with a grooming salon in a small town in Northern Ontario. This was our training ground, to see if we were cut out for this profession. As the years went by, we outgrew our kennel. From there, we never stopped looking back, and in the fall of 1986, we moved Tuscany Kennels to our new home here in Sherwood Park. It was a long hard struggle, however we were able to transform our new kennel into a Top Quality Boarding,  and Breeding Facility. We are involved in Showing all our dogs, and enjoy the thought that we will always try to breed the best that we can, and try to bring an improvement to the breeds that we are involved in.

     In our attempts to continue to grow and improve, we are converting our kennel to become the Small  Dog Specialists. Our Kennel is set up to cater to Small  Dogs, where they are pampered to their hearts content. All pets boarded at our Kennel are kept on the same routine as home and their diets are maintained likewise. We do a superior job of keeping your pets happy, and we make sure they go home clean.


We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, Canadian Shih Tzu Club.



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